On Friday, July 31, on the occasion of Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday dedicated to lovers, the Israeli Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 welcomes each pair to play and interact with the pavilion itself.

What is Tu B’Av?

Tu B’Av is a celebration of the Jewish tradition which falls on the 15th of Av (July 31 this year), a joyous occasion for the beginning of the harvest in which girls used to dance and offer gifts in the vineyards dressed in white. Today the Tu B’Av event, is seen as a time for couples to celebrate their love and is considered an auspicious day to get married.

On the occasion of Tu B’Av, Israel Pavilion will offer a great opportunity to meet the SOUL MATE and enjoy a moment of happiness.


At the entrance of the exhibition, the hostess will offer to all guests an “hearts cut” that can be completed only by finding the right half which coincides with his own. In front of the vertical field there will instead set up a kiss- spot, a romantic location to be able to kiss and embrace in front of a camera that projects images on giant LED screens entrance.

That’s the link of the gallery of what will happened Friday July 13, at Expo Milano 2015, at the Israeli Pavilion: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1137403029606859.1073741851.971351556212008&type=3

The Festival of Fruits and Vegetables at Expo Milan 2015

The Festival of Fruits and Vegetables at Expo Milan 2015

On July 28, Expo Milano 2015 will host the Festival of Fruits and Vegetables, along the Cardo and at the Biodiversity Park,  varieties of fruit and vegetables from around the world will be presented in the name of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The day will involve many of the countries present at the Universal Exhibition , in a rich and entertaining program of events , all aimed at tasting and discovering the endless properties , shapes and flavors of fruit and vegetables that exist on our planet.

The exhibition , therefore, will be transformed into a tasting workshop. Through the facilities of gardens and greenhouses vertical visitors will know the importance and the need to rebuild the historical relationship between town and country , having fun and learning to cultivate these essential foods . The day comes alive with shows and events , followed by a tasting of fruits and vegetables offered by different pavilions. 

Official Inauguration of the Israeli Pavilion

Official Inauguration of the Israeli Pavilion

Our pavilion has officially been inaugurated with a fun and entertaining night. We were very happy to see that all your friends came to visit us at the pavilion.

We are extremely moved to see visitors getting excited about our vertical field everyday. It has been only 2 weeks and 100thousand visitors have already visited us!

During this night we have welcomed our friends and guests like we would do at our home. From today, the Pavilion is officially Israel’s house in Milan. For this reason, we have added the Mezuzah like we would do at our place. The Mezuzah is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah, it is usually put on the doors of one’s house.  For this reason, we have put the Mezuzah to our new house in Milan, using an old Mezuzah, the same one we brought to Shanghai and to Korea.

After Milan, our wish is that we can keep on this path and bring the Mezuzah at the Expo 2017 in Kazakistan and in Dubai in 2020, hoping to carry on with the dialogue with the other people.

At the ceremony, there were:

Embassador of Israel in Italy Naor Gilon

President of Lombardy Roberto Maroni 

Ruggero Gabbai representing Milan’s Mayor Giuliano Pisapia 

and Raffaele Sassun KKL Italia President, partner of our pavilion that together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jerusalem has turned this Pavilion in reality.

We wanna thank also the Chief Rabby of Milan Alfonso Arbib who has affixed the Mezuzah.

A special thank goes to our testimonial  Moran Attias and to Ivri Lider, a famous Israeli artist who made the crowd go crazy.

Elazar Cohen in his speech, has illustrated the spirit of Israel at the Expo Milan and has thanked all our partners and friends:  Malki Shem Tov, CEO od AVS, Creative Visual Solutions, the Director of the Pavilion Josh Bendit, the architect David Knafo, our staff and Isayweb! the Italo-Israeli communication agency in charge of PR and communication for our pavilion.