LAND OF ISRAEL: Aaron Aaronsohn And The History of Modern Wheat

LAND OF ISRAEL: Aaron Aaronsohn And The History of Modern Wheat

The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan presents a new video on Aaaron Aaronsohn, a Romanian Jewish agronomist, botanist, and Zionist activist.

Aaaron Aaronsohn is the man who discovered the wild wheat, the ancestor of today’s wheat.  After an intensive research on this kind of wheat, Aaronsohn realized that wild wheat is hardy and able to grow in poor soil. It is also rich in nutrients, such as iron and zinc.
Also, introducing genes from wild white into cultivated wheat improves strains and makes it resistant to disease and drought.

Aaaron Aaronsohn

Aaron Aaronsohn was born in Romania and moved at the age of six in the Turkish Ottoman Empire of the time. His parents were among Israel’s first pioneers and among the founders of Zikhron Ya’akov, one of the pioneer Jewish agricultural settlements of the First Aliyah.

Aaron studied agriculture in France and became a leading expert on the subject. In 1906, he discovered Triticum dicoccoides (known as the “mother of wheat”) on the Mount Hermon. Research based on his finding in 1906 is continuing throughout the world and Israel is proud of its contribution to feed the Planet.

The Pavilions more relevant to the idea of “Feeding The Planet”

The Pavilions more relevant to the idea of “Feeding The Planet”

This  year’s topics was chosen by the organizing country and it is:”Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

We made a small list choosing 3 pavilions that really reflect this topic.

At the first place we find the Padiglione Zero. You can find a number of areas, tracing the history of man on the planet and its relationship with food: from the invention of agriculture and livestock, the need to preserve food, to technical progress, to the paradoxes of the modern world.

In the second position we have the Switzerland Pavilion. Many people call it the store of salt, water, apples and coffee, from which everyone can draw what he wants for free by taking the desired quantities of food.

Until arriving finally in third place as we place the Israel Pavilion. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of the problems that Israel is facing daily. This country is set in a very arid area, the Negev desert. The Expo pavilion tells us how Israelis overcame difficulties connected to this land.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Expo 2015 Milan

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Expo 2015 Milan

The project of the Israel Pavilion at the Expo 2015 Milan is led by the Foreign Ministry of Israel (MFA). Tha MFA presents the foreign policy of the Government of Israel, it represents the State vis-à-vis foreign governments and international organizations. For such reason, MFA is the promoter of the Israeli presence at Expo 2015. Israel expo 2015

The Israeli Pavilion and MFA

The Expo 2015 is in fact a way to share Israel’s know-how with the rest of the world and to maintain diplomatic relations with the foreign countries that are in the World Fair.
For the big event, the ministry has decided to focus on Israeli innovations, especially in the field of agro-technologies.

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