Experts develop grapes that grow all year long


Experts develop grapes that grow all year long

Experts develop grapes that grow all year long

Experts have developed a special technique to cover the vineyards so that grapes can ripen in the cold season too. Not only they were able to do so, but also they managed to use this technique on seedless grapes.

The research has taken place in the South of Israel where a variety of seedless grape has grown during the winter months. The technique is based on a plastic cover which has to be put on the vineyards during the coldest months so that grapes can ripen during the winter too.

This research, as Israel’s Agriculture Minister reports, was developed in the the Southern area of the country where experts managed to grow grapes from January to April. In this region, farmers grow a particular kind of seedless grapes called “Early Sweet” that usually grows only in the summer.

If the Israeli farmers all over the country will adopt this method, people will be able to eat grapes all year long but mostly to spend less money to buy the fruit.

So the new technique will allow farmers to produce more food and cut the harvesting costs.

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Other Surprising Research

Israel farmers have developed other surprising research.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, they were able to grow seedless eggplants which apparently absorb less oil while cooking.

Also, they grow new varieties of mushrooms and a variety of “Salicornia”, a natural substitute for salt. All these inventions are fundamental for a healthy nutrition.

In addition, recently it has been created a substance that prevents date palms from growing too high. These trees usually become so high that it is really difficult for farmers to harvest them.

By stopping their growth, as the Minister reports, the costs will be cut. Growing dates will be easier and the life of these trees longer.

In the past, farmers stopped collecting dates when the trees became too high because the technological machines to reach the fruit are too expensive and this all process used to take a lot of work time. Also, when a machine broke down, they would loose all the fruit causing a huge waste.

For these reasons, this invention and the others described before, are real good news for farmers worldwide!



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