Expo 2015 Milan Free for Workers and Retirees


Expo 2015 Milan Free for Workers and Retirees

Expo 2015 Milan Free for Workers and Retirees

Expo 2015, Inps and Trenitalia have inaugurated a new project to make the Exhibition in Milan more universal and accessible to everyone. 

In August, the workers and retirees who have earned less than 10.000 euros during 2014 can enter for free at Expo Milan 2015. In addition to the free ticket, they also get a 50% off for the train ticket to get to the Expo site. The initiative is called “In August together at Expo”.

Giuseppe Sala
, the Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015 and CEO of Expo 2015, has stated that this initiative is a way to make the Expo Milan 2015 accessible to more people.

How To Get A Free Ticket 

The procedure is pretty easy: all you have to do is go on www.inps.it. To obtain the ticket, you have to digit your Inps PIN and follow the directions.

If you don’t have the pin, you can call the number 803 164 or email the website.

Once entered your section, you’ll get a ticket that you will have to print and bring to the Exhibition Site together with an ID.

Free Tickets for Those Who Come By Car

You’re not a worker or a retiree? No worries! There’re other ways to get a free ticket for the Expo 2015 Milan.

If you come to the Exposition by car and park your car in Trenno, Arese or Fiera Milano, you’ll get 1 or 2 free tickets to visit Expo at night!

Discounts on Tickets for Young and Old People 

If you’re young or old and you are attending the summer centers of  Anci and Mipaaf, you can get a 10 euoros ticket for Expo!

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