Israel and Italy Together for the DEMO FARMS Project


Israel and Italy Together for the DEMO FARMS Project

Israel and Italy Together for the DEMO FARMS Project

DEMO FARMs project is the demonstration that Expo 2015 Milan can actually make the difference.

The project presented by the Ministry of Economy of the State of Israel and the Israeli Pavilion in Expo 2015, is a result of the collaboration between Israeli innovative companies in agriculture and farmers of the Italian region of Lombardy.
The DEMO FARMs project showcases in real fields the most innovative Israeli solutions and technologies for the improvement of the agricultural production keeping it sustainable.

This project is composed by smaller ones: DemoField, DairyFarm, LODI Brembio, CombiMais, Afimilk, DemoFarmOrticola and Terra Viva Pegognaga.

1. DemoField

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DemoField has a demo that simulates Cereals Cultivation on a hill to show that marginal area are as effective as flat plots. It also presents a drip irrigation system operated by solar water pumps.

2. DairyFarm

DairyFarm is a system that provides the most comprehensive RF-based (wireless) cow health and reproduction monitoring solutions available.

3. LODI Brembio

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LODI Brembio is farm that represents one of the most important enterprise not only in Italy but also at international level. The success of this farm is given by the passion of the Ciserani Family which invested in it since 1973.  Cows are milked twice a day with a modern and efficient TDM herringbone-milking parlor 2×20, equipped with Afimilk technologies.

4. CombiMais

The project called CombiMais is based on an open-field installation of corn with an innovative drip technology for open-field cultivation.


5. Afimilk

Lovati Farm has developed a  technical center able to house 1.000 milk cows, with a special system that measures day cow milk production everyday.

6. DemoFarmOrticola

The project shows the best technologies in the field of horticulture from the seed to the final product. There are Israeli companies that showcase solutions for improving efficiency both in open field and greenhouses.

7. Terra Viva Pegognaga


Schermata 2015-07-12 a 12.41.45TAYA system is installed in a 110 milking cow’s farm producing Parmesan Cheese located in Pegognana near Mantova in order to treat 2500 tons/year of cattle sewage.





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