Israel has a partnership with the SCOW Project


Israel has a partnership with the SCOW Project

Israel has a partnership with the SCOW Project

SCOW (Selective Collection of the Organic Waste in tourist areas and valorization in farm composting plants), is a 3-year European project (2013-2015) funded by the ENPI CBCMED program, aiming to develop low cost, technically simple and high quality bio-waste collection and recycling models in territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity.

The goal of this program is to define an innovative and sustainable bio-waste management system through effective collection and waste treatment into decentralized small-scale composting plants, this would be able to be reproduced in other Mediterranean zones, reducing impacts at source, through a simple management of the bio-waste collection and treatment with the idea of self-sufficiency.

It was presented few days ago at Expo Milano 2015.

Among the different partnership, Israel contributes in this project with the MIGAL’s institute. The Galilee Research Institute is an applied research organization specializing in the fields of biotechnology, environmental and agriculture sciences.


One of the benefits is that this project will improve general waste management, closing the cycle of the organic matter in countries with an important lack of organic carbon at soil. In addiction to that, there will be the creation of new economical activity, even at waste collection and treatment sectors and compost selling.


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