Visitor Numbers at Expo 2015 Milan in August

Visitor Numbers at Expo 2015 Milan in August

The company Expo 2015 S.p.A. has communicated that from Monday August 24 to Sunday August 30, there have been approximately 10,000 visitors per day.

These are the figures of the general admissions that include the workers as well:

24 August 87,361
25 August 116,099
26 August 130,480
27 August 128,683
28 August 132,557
29 August 157,801
30 August 108,572
(For a series of technical and operational reasons, these values are to be considered partial, and could effectively be higher)

The Speech of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu at Expo 2015 Milan

The Speech of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu at Expo 2015 Milan

This is the complete speech that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made while visiting the Israeli Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan.

His words have highlighted once again the good friendship that unites Israel and Italy in many fields such as: the cultural, scientific, academic ones.

Here’s the speech:

“Thank you, Minister Martina, and thank you, Mr. Sala, thank you all. I’m deeply excited to be here with my wife and our delegation, and we want to congratulate you for this outstanding exhibit and exhibition here in Milan. It speaks volumes about your vision and about the success of Italy and the dynamism that now directs it. And we’re very happy to have been one of the first countries to have committed to come here. We committed, we came and now we have a wall.


And I’m so excited to be here. I’m going to say a few words in Hebrew and then I’ll say a few words in English.


I said, Mr. Minister, that I’m very proud as an Israeli to be here because we are contributing to the defeat of Malthusian projections. Malthus said a few hundred years ago that the world’s population will die out because of irreversible disparity between the numbers of people and the food available, and obviously science has defeated that. But Israel in this field has been a pioneer of the world for the last 70 and more years, even before the founding of our state. We’ve developed tremendous strides in drip irrigation, in desalinization. We’re the world’s leader in wastewater recycling. We recycle about 80 percent of our wastewater. I think number two is about 25 percent. So we have not only changed our situation.


We have ten times more population than we had when the state was founded 67 years ago and we have half the rainfall. Yet Israel has no water problems because we were able to solve this with all these techniques and we are prepared and are doing our share to partake this information with people everywhere around the world, so they can have water, they can have crops, they can have cows that give a lot more milk and many, many other things that offer the betterment for mankind. We’re very happy that we can do this here in Italy, in Milan. We have very strong bonds of friendship with Italy. We are doing everything together in commerce and trade, in technology, in tourism, in science, in culture, and we want to do even more.


I look forward to discussing all of these areas with Prime Minister Renzi who visited Israel, gave a remarkable speech in our parliament, the Knesset. There’s a very strong feeling of friendship and a desire to further cooperate in all these areas and I’m going to discuss some of these ideas with Prime Minister Renzi when we meet two days from now in Florence.


I have to say that one of the things that I saw in the pavilion is going to take up our time. Israel and Italy are cooperating in one African country today to better their agriculture. Why one? Why not twenty? Why not thirty? If we pull our resources, our knowledge, our technology together, we can help many, many countries in Africa have not only better agriculture but a better life, and this is one of the key areas that I’m going to discuss with Prime Minister Renzi on this visit.


I’m proud of everything that we’re doing. I think it has to do a lot with our culture. Our scholars for centuries studied the Talmud. They always believed that there wasn’t one answer. They always questioned. They always argued. There wasn’t a single set truth, and truth wasn’t achieved by repetition and memory. It was achieved by constant inquiry. And this tradition was translated in modern times by Jewish scientists and Israeli scientists into the fields of mathematics and physics and chemistry and in every field of life, medicine. And it is now being translated by Israeli entrepreneurs and technologists for all the things that can make a better life for all the people of the planet.


So it’s in this spirit of cooperation with Italy and our own spirit of inquiry and advancement and innovation that I’m delighted to be here with my wife and all our delegation in Milan. We wish you great success. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

At Expo, a Robot Shakes Your Cocktail

At Expo, a Robot Shakes Your Cocktail

From August 20, in Expo Milano 2015, you can taste a cocktail prepared by a special bartender: a robot.

Makr Shakr is indeed the first robotic bar – designed by Carlo Ratti Associati – capable of mixing, shaking and serving more than 100 cocktail recipes, as well as the variants suggested by consumers via a custom-designed app. This new concept will appear in the Future Food District.

The Makr Shakr is up and running in Piazza Italia (on the crossroads between the Cardo and the Decumano), where all visitors over 18 years of age can order a cocktail by downloading the app and scrolling through the list of cocktails, or entering their own recipe, and moving their smartphone near the optical reader.

The robot is a true bartender and the cocktails are delicious!

The system – which was initially designed for an event organized by Google – can be used in different occasions such as discos, private parties, events and cruise ships. And the very first person to try out Makr Shakr was none other than Giuseppe Sala, who was served with the very first custom-shaken cocktail.