All the Flavors at Expo Milano 2015

All the Flavors at Expo Milano 2015

Go to the restaurant at Expo Milano 2015? Why not!

The culinary experience offered by Expo is certainly very interesting. So we made a list of the restaurants at Expo, each according to their characteristics.


If you wanna look for cuisines never tasted before, perhaps with ancient traditions behind, or with fusion influences, this is the best option for you. Try Minokichi at the Japanese Pavilion. It’s really expensive, but the price is worth the food. The original Minokichi is located in Kyoto and can boast three hundred years of history. The cuisine is Kaiseki, a “formula” that brings together, in the same meal, many small dishes of fine fish, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, rice, herbs, spices. Also, the chefs cook in front of you!


Not everyone is attracted by the exotic tastes from ethnic mixes. Who is looking for a more “reassuring” cuisine but still of good quality, can pick European Restaurants. We let ourselves be carried away by Café des Chefs, in the France Pavilion. Alongside traditional brasserie specialties, you can taste the menu signed by the chef awarded the Bocuse d’Or (or d’argent), the most prestigious award of French gastronomy. French gastronomy is synonymous with great elegance and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, like a stylish bistro.


You cannot miss one of the most delicious restaurants of Expo at the Israeli Pavilion. Opened on the side of the pavilion, it offers the option to have an outdoor pic nic. Just leave an ID card to get a real picnic basket in which you will receive your food choices.  The vegetarian menu offers Majadera with Roman broccoli and yogurt sauce, shashuka (a mess of egg and eggplant), falafel and tajine , tabouleh, boreka (dumplings) with tomato sauce, salads.

Visit Expo Milano 2015 with children

Visit Expo Milano 2015 with children

Visiting Expo Milano 2015 with a child is a “wasted effort”?

Let’s try to answer this question, making you understand that even with a younger audience, one can grasp the meaning of the Exposition.

One of the first things that can be seen entering the Expo – from the entrance West Triulza- is that you can borrow strollers at the Chicco Area. (Remeber to book it some days before though!) Once there you can pick up the stroller, without bring it from home (for the booking check on the website of Expo Milano). This is especially useful if you have children in the age from 2 to 5 years, or if you choose to arrive by public transport, carrying the baby in a sling or baby carrier, but you want to have a stroller to walk around the Expo site.

Also, consider that Expo is “enabled for wheelchairs”, so it can be accessed anywhere with strollers, even in the halls, where there are ramps and elevators. If you do not find them ask the employees who will be happy to help!

But now the incredible thing… If you visit Expo Milan with a child, you will have priority at the hall entrances. This is not trivial because the lines are quite long. In order to access without waiting, you’ll just have to ask the staff at the entrance stating that you are with a child.



On Friday, July 31, on the occasion of Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday dedicated to lovers, the Israeli Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 welcomes each pair to play and interact with the pavilion itself.

What is Tu B’Av?

Tu B’Av is a celebration of the Jewish tradition which falls on the 15th of Av (July 31 this year), a joyous occasion for the beginning of the harvest in which girls used to dance and offer gifts in the vineyards dressed in white. Today the Tu B’Av event, is seen as a time for couples to celebrate their love and is considered an auspicious day to get married.

On the occasion of Tu B’Av, Israel Pavilion will offer a great opportunity to meet the SOUL MATE and enjoy a moment of happiness.


At the entrance of the exhibition, the hostess will offer to all guests an “hearts cut” that can be completed only by finding the right half which coincides with his own. In front of the vertical field there will instead set up a kiss- spot, a romantic location to be able to kiss and embrace in front of a camera that projects images on giant LED screens entrance.

That’s the link of the gallery of what will happened Friday July 13, at Expo Milano 2015, at the Israeli Pavilion: