The Milky Day at Expo 2015 Milan

The Milky Day at Expo 2015 Milan

Today it’s a special day  to come visit the Expo 2015 Milan… It’s the Milky Day!

Let’s Celebrate Milk!

Friday, May 29, the first of the festival days that Expo Milano 2015 has established to celebrate milk . The celebration will be held through food tastings, convivial gatherings, and music.

Visitors are asked to wear white, like the color of milk. There will be music, food and so much white all around the Expo area!

Near the Israeli Pavilion

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In front of the Israeli Pavilion, at the intersection between the Cardo and the Decumano, there will be the world parade which recalls the theme of the event. The color will be white and all the food offered will have the main ingredient of the day in it!

Directly from our Menu: the Shakshuka
In the food area of our Pavilion, there are lots of dishes with ingredients based on milk. For today, we have chosen the Shakshuka.  It is a tomato sauce with poached eggs and spices with many more ingredients and mostly with the Feta cheese!

The Feta is a brined curd white cheese made in Greece from sheep’s milk, or from a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk.

Come visit us and taste this delicious dish!

We present you Chef Guy Gamzu

We present you Chef Guy Gamzu

Chef Guy Gamzu is a young Israeli chef who is one of the participants of COLORFOOD, is a photographic exhibit created by the photographer Dan Levi and the Italian and Israeli Creativity Lab ICPO. The show, hosted at the Israeli pavilion of the Expo 2015 Milan, will be on from May 14TH to 31st. Chef Guy Gamzu used to act chef at the restaurant Rafael in Tel Aviv.

However, the Chef has decided to open his own place. The restaurant is called ARIA.
Situated on two floors of a historically preserved house in Tel Aviv, ARIA combines a cocktail bar on the first floor with a creative chef restaurant on the second.  The high-quality menu is varied, colorful and simply delicious.
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