Expo 2015 is finally ON!

Expo 2015 is finally ON!

On Friday May 1, at 10 am, the Expo 2015 has been inaugurated in Milan. The doors of Expo finally opened and welcomed more than 200thousand visitors, including families, young people and a lot of celebrities and authorities.

The common element that everyone who has visited the world fair shares, is curiosity. People have the desire to discover the news of each pavilion, they have the will to get lost in new cultures, traditions and different innovations. Visitors enter the Expo area ready to wander around, tasting food specialties, looking at every detail and listening to the stories of the people represented by each pavilion. Expo 2015 Milan is a sensorial experience, a trip to discover the entire world hosted in one place.

World Expo Commissioner Elazar Cohen and Italy's Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano.

World Expo Commissioner Elazar Cohen and Italy’s Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano.

In this village, there’s also Israel. Many visitors have visited our pavilion. We attract people with our vertical field, 70 meters long and 12 high. We chose this particular structure because it really represents Israel and what it stands for but also because visitors can notice it from any side of the Expo village.

Among the various authorities and celebrities who have visited the pavilion and its surroundings, there were the Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino, the Italian journalist Gad Lerner, the President of the Italian Region Abbruzzo Luciano D’Alfonso, Italy’s Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano, Italy’s Minister of Economic Development Federica Guidi and many others.

The Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino visiting the Pavilion.

The Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino visiting the Pavilion.

The cultivated field, created with the technology of the Vertical Planting, has attracted many visitors.

Il giornalista Gad Lerner in visita al nostro padiglione.

Il giornalista Gad Lerner in visita al Padiglione.

The main structure of the pavilion is composed of modular tiles used for the cultivation of agricultural crops. Each of these tiles contains a computerised drip irrigation system to optimise the plants growth conditions. Wheat, rice and corn, which are the main sources of vegetarian food, will be grown on the vertical field creating a mosaic of textures, smells and colours. The pavilion has been built with the most advanced green technology devices including energy saving and water and air treatment. The structure is called the Fields of Tomorrow.

The Israel pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 welcomes visitors into an immersive visual experience that unveils some of the ultimate innovative technologies, showcases sustainable projects and narrates the lives of Israeli people.

Elazar Cohen and Italy's minister of Economic Development.

World Expo Commissioner Elazar Cohen and Italy’s minister of Economic Development.

In the entrance room actors and performers interact with the public whilst videos are projected along the walls. The first part of the exhibition narrates the story and the lives of three generations of farmers who managed to make the desert bloom. Through memories, images and videos, visitors discover the proactive stubbornness and commitment of Israeli people but also their attitude towards hardship: “difficulties do not create problems but challenges to overtake”.

The Expo is now opened, come visit us!




The Israel Pavilion at Expo 2015

The Israel Pavilion at Expo 2015

The Expo 2015 Milano will be the greatest event on food and nutrition. Israel has decided to participate showing the entire world its technological developments and innovations that it has adopted and now wants to share with the League of Nations.

One of the main challenges for the future of humanity will be to guarantee healthy food respecting nature and its balance. The Israel pavilion will be a natural platform where there will be meetings and discussions with the experts of the agricultural field and research. It will be a stunning structure but also useful made by a vertical field, multimedia installations and the history of a people that managed to make the desert flourish.

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