The 7 Best Attractions of Expo 2015 Milan

The 7 Best Attractions of Expo 2015 Milan

At Expo 2015 Milan, each pavilion has its own peculiarity. We have collected for you the 7 best attractions of the Expo area!

1. The Vertical Field – Israel

We cannot start from any other pavilion than Israel’s! The main feature of the Pavilion is the vertical garden,  70 meters in length and 12 high, completely covered with live plants, whose flowers and colors change with seasons.

2.  The Interactive Net – Brazil


The Brazilian Pavilion has an interactive net which connects its three floors. As visitors walk on this suspended net they interact with their surroundings, when they move they activate sensors that change lights and colors around them.

3. The Woods – Austria

Austria’s Pavilion reproduces the microclimate of the country. The space is cooled by the natural refreshing effect created by the evapotranspiration of plants and not by Air Conditioning.

4. The Thermal Levels – Colombia

The Pavilion of Colombia has 5 thermal levels that correspond to the contrasting climates of the five different altitudes of the country.

 5. The Labyrinth- France

The Pavilion of France has a labyrinth-garden reproducing three rural kinds of rural landscape that ends in a cave-like structure.
6. The Luna Park- Netherlands 

The Dutch Pavilion is a true luna park.. the ideal place for kids!7. Charge Your Phone – Slovakia

The Pavilion of Slovakia is a place where visitors can relax and where they can also charge their phones. The relax area is composed by a waterfall and some couches where you can chill while charging your smartphone.

The Netherlands at Expo 2015 Milan

The Netherlands at Expo 2015 Milan

The Netherlands at Expo 2015 Milan have developed the theme: “Share, Grow, Live”.

1. Share: because the issues connceted to nutrition are both local and global
2. Grow: because the food is a topic that has to be taken care of with commitment
3. Live:  because we have to take action

The Pavilion is a mix of fun, education and interactivity. Therefore, it looks like a luna park and has lots of exhibit for kids, young people and adults.


1. Share
We have to look for solutions together. Among many others, the Netherlands have cooperated to take care of land reclamation, crop improvements and water management.

2. Grow

They play an important role in finding solutions for worldwide challenges such as food security, food safety and the sustainable use of water, energy and other resources.

3. Live
We have to take actions to live our improvements and not only to discuss about them.

The Netherlands and Israel

The Volcani Center ARO, one of the most innovative Research Center in Israel, has researchers coming from all over the world and also from the Netherlands! The idea of the center is to promote new agricultural techniques in the entire world with the help of the FAO.