The Israeli Start Up that Charges the Electric Car in 5 Minutes

The Israeli Start Up that Charges the Electric Car in 5 Minutes

A revolutionary technology developed in Israel is coming out soon: it is a device that charges the battery of the electric cars in 5 minutes only and guarantees 480 km of autonomy. Continue Reading →

Israeli StartUp of the Month: Oplon, Tipa, Skyrad

Israeli StartUp of the Month: Oplon, Tipa, Skyrad

As the Pavilion of the Start Up Nation, we have decided to host once every month some startups and companies so that they can share with the visitors their experience which can be helpful for young and professional workers.

The initiative was promoted by Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Ipack Ima Milano. In May 20 and 21, the Pavilion presents the best innovations on Packaging.

These companies and startup are the most cutting-edge in this field and they are convinced that Packaging has to be eco-friendly. Therefore their job is to find new solutions in this field to offer the same service to the consumer, without damaging the environment. For this reason, these companies are connected to Expo 2015 Milan and to its topic: “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”.

This month, we present you 3 companies: Oplon, Tipa and Skyrad.

1. Oplon

Oplon was developed by two professors who both have won the Nobel Price, Prof. Roger David Kornberg and Prof. Michael Levitt. It became a leading company in the field of packaging because it started offering a structure of 2 layers to apply on the food box that has a particular skill. This 2-layers-structure in fact gets activated in a humid environment and releases a substance with antimicrobial radicals to counter the formation of mold.
This allows people to avoid food waste.

Oplon is also engaged in research in other fields. Besides the Packaging of fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat, it Focuses on agricultural techniques and Water Purification. The purpose of this company is to provide a way to store food longer, respecting the environment . The team works thinking of future generations and not only of the present one.

2. Tipa


Tipa has developed a form of packaging for the food industry based on organic components. The company , founded in Israel in 2010 by the two co – founders Daphna Nissenbaum and Tal Neuman, has developed containers for food and drinks which are 100% biodegradable.

The purpose is to avoid any damage of the environment , while guaranteeing the same quality of a plastic container or any other non-biodegradable material.

The material created by Tipa disintegrates itself after 180 days. It is also very flexible and durable. Not to mention that it is transparent as well and therefore it allows maximum visibility of the product to the consumer.

3. Skyrad

Skyrad, a company in the field of Packaging Established in Israel , presents T -icon . It is an indicator of irreversible monitoring and accurate indication of the condition of preservation of a product. T – E icon is a label that has immediate effects in reducing the waste of food.

The idea is to monitor the preservation of food in order to advise the best use without incurring in waste. Skyrad also contributes to the fight against counterfeiting and tampering of the expiration date written on the package .