The Dutch Pavillon at Expo 2015 Milan


The Dutch Pavillon at Expo 2015 Milan

The Dutch Pavillon at Expo 2015 Milan

Among the various exhibitions, it is interesting to note that the Netherlands has contributed with other countries, at Expo Milano 2015, facing great challenges for different problems in the world.

There are many proves that the human being has to face, and this is why man has to prepare for the best to preserve life in the future. This is the main theme that has developed the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

The Netherlands, geographically speaking, has proven to be a country with a very fertile territory, becoming the second world export of primary goods (such as food and beverages). In addition to that, it has given an important role in finding solutions to global challenges related to food security and sustainable use of water, but also energy and other resources.

As regards the structure of the pavilion, it is interesting to note the creativity with which certain objects are arranged. Starting from the primary structure that is inspired by a real amusement park with a Ferris wheel.

Open and accessible, therefore, to younger visitors.  Making it clear that, even with the fun, you can learn so many things.


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