The Project Demofield- Agriculture of Tomorrow is officially on!


The Project Demofield- Agriculture of Tomorrow is officially on!

The Project Demofield- Agriculture of Tomorrow is officially on!

The project Demofield- Agriculture of Tomorrow has been inaugurated. It consists in a station demo developed by Netafim and by other companies, connected to the sustainable agriculture at the
Parco Tecnologico Padano in Lodi.


Demofield is one of the projects on agriculture at Expo 2015. The workshop started with the topics of sustainability, water efficency and crops management.

The main particularity of Demofield is to show on the field the most advanced agricultural techniques. For instance, a part of the Parco Tecnologico Padano was set to show the techniques of drip irrigation developed by Netafim. It is a leading world company in development and production of drip irrigation solutions. Netafim is the company able to produce more with less resources, respecting the environment.

Elazar cohen presenta il sito di israele expo 2015
To make the exhibit more real, the station demo reproduces a part of the fertile Po valley. In this way, the reproduction of the land has all the issues the real one has such as: differences in height, difficulties in the irrigation system and in the distribution of energy.

Schermata 2015-05-12 alle 07.22.15
The solution of Netafim helps farmers of thear area and of the rest of the world to solve their daily problems.

Schermata 2015-05-12 alle 07.22.45

The workshop is on 7 main topics such as water, energy, crops and nutritition.

At the inauguration there was Luca Olcese, General Director of Netafim Italy, who stated that the choice of getting involved in the project Demofield- Agriculture of Tomorrow is connected to the will of wanting to demonstrate that the drip irrigation can be the solution for the future. This technique could help fighting world hunger and could help managing better our resources. For this reason, Netafim is one of our sponsors at the Expo 2015 Milan and it helped us building the vertical field in our pavilion.


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