The Pavilion of the Republic of Korea


The Pavilion of the Republic of Korea

The Pavilion of the Republic of Korea

Let’s continue our tour with The Republic of Korea Pavillon at Expo 2015.

The Republic of Korea Pavillon expresses in synthesis the culinary tradition rooted in the cultural practices of the country. Using at the same time new technological sciences adopted in the field of food. Doing so, it creates the conditions for a world where the supply is no more a primary problem.

It is amazing to see how the structure of the Pavilion can contribute to this challenge.

In the first room of the stand, there is a space dedicated to eating habits and how they can bring harm harmful if use is made of the right food.

The arrangement in the shape of a traditional ceramic pot, it is very clear. This follows the architectural theme of the Moon Jar which is to symbolize the full moon. The nature, the Korean tradition is an element of extreme importance and vitality. In fact, it must be properly respected by humans.

The primary goal of the Pavilion of the Republic of Korea is to make it clear to the visitor as a healthy and sustainable element can transmit at the same time, excitement and fun.

At the end of the stand, there is a space dedicated to the restaurant , where the theme of Sustainability is perfectly linked to the traditions of the country.

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