The schedule of events at expo Milano 2015


The schedule of events at expo Milano 2015

The schedule of events at expo Milano 2015

Monday, August 10

Monday, August 10 is the National Day of Maldives at Expo. The day starts with the official ceremony at the Expo Center, with the greetings of the authorities. A series of entertainment events will follow. The Maldives are located within the Cluster Islands, Sea and Food.

Tuesday, August 11

Ivory Coast, the largest cocoa producer in the world, celebrates its National Day on August 11. The day will begin at 10 am at the stage of the Expo Centre with a cultural performance that will introduce, from 10:35, the official ceremony with the traditional flag-raising ceremony, the national anthems and Italian Ivorian to welcome the delegation from the African country.

At 11 am there will be the parade of the Ivorian delegation along the Decumano, and then to the Cluster of Cocoa and Chocolate. The parade will be animated by Ivorian artists belonging to different groups, such Djarabikan, Orentchy and Zaouli. Upon arrival, scheduled for 11:10, the group Zaouli will perform again with a performance on the stage of the cantanteAntoinette Konan Cluster. The cultural performances and traditional Ivory Coast will go on during the course of the morning and then close with the show expected to 16.30 always Cluster of Cocoa and Chocolate.

Wednesday, August 12

A very special celebration at Hall Thailand, namely Mother’s Day. The exhibition site will be enriched by floral decorations, while the 18 will be held a workshop open to all in which you will learn to create a birthday card with jasmine flowers. Mother’s Day in Thailand Pavilion will reach its peak with the performance of the 21 hours in which it will be executed the Thai Royal Blessing Dance, dance propitiatory wishing long life and health to the queen, considered the mother of the whole nation.

Thursday, Aug. 13

The Cluster Islands celebrated the National Day of Madagascar: the African country wishes to draw the attention of visitors on the conservation, protection and development of marine habitats in the ecosystem, with mangroves, coral reefs and fish stocks he possesses.

The Chile Pavilion, until August 16, to 14 and 17 Sergio Colivoro performs in concerts of traditional music in South America.

On the day dedicated to kiiking Pavilion Estonia, national sport in which athletes are launched to dizzying heights on huge swings up to do a full 360 degrees. In front of the pavilion are held two swings, a larger one for the demo show (at 11, 18, 19:30 and 21), the other to the public for a test (from 11 to 14 and from 18 to 22).

Friday, August 14

At 19, the Korea Pavilion concert techno duo Ninano Nanda (repeated at the same time on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16).

Pavilion to Hungary, the band’s concerts Bohemian Betyars, in a mix of funk and folk, to 14, 16, 18, 20 (until August 20).

Saturday, August 15

The day of August provides for the national day of Sierra Leone to the Cluster Rice with visit of official delegations, traditional music and dance. The state of West Africa during Expo 2015 intends to present to visitors their own experience of “smart farm”, a place where the skills of various players cross to reach a common goal. In “smart farm” is practiced rice cultivation, sustainable fisheries, they breed small ruminants and chickens, there are centers for health and nutrition education, schools, markets, irrigation systems and production facilities d ‘ energy.

Sunday, August 16

The Cluster Rice is the time of the national day of Cambodia. Being one of the largest producers of rice in Asia, Cambodia, participating at the Universal within the Cluster of Rice with an exhibition space of 125 square meters, it feels much the responsibility to deepen their knowledge of management technologies of agricultural crops, irrigation systems, supply chain of the food, the aspects that intertwine culture with nature.

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